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Preserving Your Estate

What is estate preservation? Estate preservation entails using tax strategies to protect as much of your estate as possible from income tax and other costs when you and your spouse have passed away. Some assets, such as RRSPs and jointly owned [...]

Choosing a Financial Advisor

What is a financial advisor? A financial advisor is a professional who will assist you with a wide range of financial, estate and business issues. Your advisor should be able to help you with estate and legacy planning, including planning a will [...]

Alternative Investments

What are alternative investments? Alternative, or non-traditional, investments are holdings in items other than “regular” stocks (shares, or equity) and bonds. They can include private equity (ownership stakes in businesses that are not [...]

Being an Executor

What is an executor? The executor is the person who administers the estate (assets, debts and possessions) of a deceased person according to their will, or according to law if there is no will. If the deceased does not have a will or did not [...]

Family Wealth Transfer Plan

What is a family wealth transfer plan? The wealth transfer strategy is a tax-savings and wealth preservation approach that uses insurance to move wealth to subsequent generations while reducing overall family income taxes. The strategy uses life [...]