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At DFS, our strength is developing customized plans that are right for you and your business.

If it’s a family business, we’ll get to know you and your family. We’ll chair a meeting to ensure that all owners are fully informed and on the same page as we build a path to your long-term financial success.

Wealth Preservation

You’ve worked hard to build your business and your earnings. Now, be sure that you keep it. We specialize in protecting and preserving multi-generational wealth.

Wealth Management

Working with you, we’ll develop a customized Roadmap that’s specifically designed for your company. We’ll help you develop an investment strategy, with estate and retirement planning and succession planning to help you meet your needs and goals, both now and in the future.

Asset Diversification

Many business owners make the mistake of having all their money tied up in the business. This presents a significant risk to your personal wealth. We can offer strategies that are good for your business, yet effectively diversify your personal assets to generate income in retirement.

Succession Planning

Who takes over the business when you leave? Does the ownership pass to the remaining owners, other family members, or is the business to be sold? These questions are far too important to be left to chance, or dealt with in a rush when the time comes. You can maximize the return on your investment and ensure the future stability of your business by planning your exit strategy well in advance.

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