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Sheryl Smolkin Book Review: Managing Alone

Managing Alone Book review by Sheryl Smolkin Journalist and Lawyer Making a will and getting our financial affairs in order is something we all know is important, but many of us never get around to it. Younger people in particular often feel they [...]

Book Review – My Own Advisor

Another great book review for Managing Alone from My Own Advisor. A few weeks back, the co-author of Managing Alone Jennifer Black reached out to yours truly and offered me a copy of her book to check out. To be honest, I wasn’t entirely sure what [...]

Michael James on Money – Book Review

Managing Alone Book review done by Michael James. Losing a spouse is a devastating event that hurls difficult changes into the surviving spouse’s life, not the least of which are the financial changes. Financial advisors Jennifer Black and Janet [...]

Canadian Financial DIY – Book Review

Book Review - Canadian Financial DIY (do-it-yourself) Blog What are the financial consequences of death on those left behind? And what kind of actions should one take beforehand to make it easier on them? This book by two financial advisors who [...]