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George Hartman of Investment Executive – Book Review

George Hartman provides a great book review in the Investment Executive giving Managing Alone a 4 out of 5 rating. A lesson for advisors The authors of Managing Alone have been able to write a book with ample practical advice for dealing with the [...] – Book Review Book Review When A Client Loses A Spouse Few situations are more difficult for an advisor than when a client loses a cherished partner. In their new book, Managing Alone, advisors Jennifer Black and Janet Baccarani share their [...]

Canadian Financial DIY – Book Review

Book Review - Canadian Financial DIY (do-it-yourself) Blog What are the financial consequences of death on those left behind? And what kind of actions should one take beforehand to make it easier on them? This book by two financial advisors who [...]

Retirement Game Plan: Plotting One For Gen X and Gen Y

Click here to watch the video. What's your game plan? There’s lots to think about when retirement is imminent. But what if it’s not? Even if you’re toiling away in your first job, you should start planning now, says Janet Baccarani, a senior [...]

Financial Literacy Starts Young

Financial Literacy Starts Young. As seen in the Globe & Mail - Jennifer was interviewed on ways to help students learn more about managing their own finances. Jennifer Black, believes educating young people in financial literacy and [...]