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Alternative Investments

What are alternative investments? Alternative, or non-traditional, investments are holdings in items other than “regular” stocks (shares, or equity) and bonds. They can include private equity (ownership stakes in businesses that are not [...]

Income vs. Cash Flow

Income vs Cash Flow in Retirement What is the difference between income and cash flow? Cash flow and income are not the same thing, although people sometimes use the terms interchangeably. Income is new money coming to you, through work (salary or [...]

Holding Companies

What is a holding company? A holding company is simply a corporation that does nothing but own a controlling interest (shares) of one or more other companies that are actually carrying on business. The operating businesses pay dividends to the [...]

Wealth Management

You’ve probably seen or heard advertisements for firms that offer wealth management services, and you may have wondered just what that is. Or maybe you already have a picture of it as professional help with your investments. You may even think [...]