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A couple in their 70s came to us because the husband, Raymond, looked after the investments for them and for their two adult daughters. Raymond had some health issues and realized that he may not be around forever to handle everything. They came to us because they realized that we would spend the time to help educate his wife and daughters and guide them. We had many meetings with the family and helped them implement better estate planning. We made recommendations for each person’s will. We have worked through their budget with them to show his wife how she will have enough money to live on for the rest of her life and how her investments will generate the cash flow she needs. The youngest daughter is single with no children and wants to retire early. We spent time with her to create a retirement plan, showing her the amount she needs to save every year to achieve her goals for her retirement lifestyle. She was not on track for when she wanted to be able to retire, so over a series of meetings we helped her create smaller goals to get her on a realistic path. We spend a lot of time in meetings with Raymond and his wife, educating and answering questions. When they leave she always says that she knows we will look after her if something happens to Raymond. Also, Raymond is very detail oriented and frequently calls or emails to ask questions about his investments and about the administration of their accounts. Our staff provide very prompt responses to help him understand because his memory isn’t as good as it used to be. He is a man that has always looked after the women in his family and is putting his trust in us to look after his family when he may no longer be able to. It’s a difficult decision to pass this responsibility over to us, and we are honoured by the trust Raymond and his family have placed in us.

– G. Chellew, Consultant

My wife wanted to consult with another financial advisor but I had no interest because I couldn’t see any value in it. We had our investments with another advisor who was providing some investment advice but as we were nearing retirement, my wife felt we needed more. She found DFS Private Wealth and I reluctantly went along. WOW, I was wrong! Janet and Jennifer have added value in so many ways. As someone who was skeptical, I can’t say enough about DFS Private Wealth. They’ve helped our whole family enormously. I wholeheartedly recommend them.

– R. Ramsay, Executive

I’ve had 3 previous financial advisors, and DFS is so good this will be my last move.

– Raymond & The BOSS

We have great confidence in the DFS Private Wealth team. Their strategy in the investment planning is very good and is in step with our investment ideas. We have had several other well-known investment advisors and none of them measure up to our expectations, where the group at DFS Private Wealth does.

We have been more than pleased with the quick and reliable responses we have received from Jennifer, Janet and their qualified staff. We moved to DFS for their higher levels of service…and boy did they deliver.

– M. & J. Medelko, Retired Executives

They make it personal and unlike many other firms, they actually sit down with you every quarter.

– Steve Ackroyd, Accountant

The service DFS Private Wealth provides is simply the best. When I refer to DFS, my clients say they are comfortable with Janet and Jennifer right from the start and they quickly learn that DFS always has their best interests in mind. I think one of the things that sets DFS Private Wealth apart is that they truly get to know their clients. By really understanding a client’s whole family and financial situation, DFS can ensure that all the recommendations they make are suited to their specific needs. Their advice on investments is always sound, with the investments chosen being best-suited to the client’s goals. Clients have also mentioned that

they really appreciate not having any sales pressures dictating what DFS recommends to them, and that the process is service driven, towards their specific goals. We’re always more than happy to refer people to DFS because we are 100% confident that DFS will take care of the client, their family and their money – and treat them well in the process. Simply put, we refer to DFS Private Wealth because our clients come back happy.

– I. Levitt & S. McGrail, Business owners

The team at DFS takes the time to truly understand our vision and supports us with exactly the right kinds of services at the right time to achieve our goals. We also appreciate their regular review meetings and attention to detail.

– Adher Consulting; Business Consulting Services

We don’t hesitate to refer clients to DFS Private Wealth, and one reason is that Jennifer and Janet provide a key element our clients are looking for: comprehensive, all-inclusive service for one fee, so clients are never surprised by hidden costs. That’s really important. Another thing that sets DFS apart is that they really take a family approach to the planning process – it’s not just about investment returns (although their investment performance has been very good). They work with their clients to build an understanding of what is important in each client’s life, including family and business concerns, and create clear, customized roadmaps to help clients reach their goals.

Though DFS Private Wealth looks closely at tailoring portfolio construction based on client goals, their wide-ranging service also includes overall estate planning and ensuring that clients are fully up to date with elements like wills and powers of attorney. DFS can quickly call on allied experts to help clients with these matters, but does so only when necessary, so clients never feel as though they are being endlessly – and expensively – referred to yet another service provider. When DFS refers to other experts, clients truly feel it’s because Janet and Jennifer are advocating for them and looking after their best interests.

DFS Private Wealth has great people. Janet’s and Jennifer’s skills complement each other and provide a wider balanced perspective. Because they are not just advisors but also business owners themselves, they understand first-hand the issues relevant to business owners and know how to work with them. And they are backed up by a knowledgeable team that provides excellent customer service – clients have told us they genuinely feel that the DFS staff cares and wants to help. This is a team that does what it says it will do and always finishes what it starts.

So why do we refer clients to DFS Private Wealth? Simple: our clients tell us they’ve never worked with anyone better.

– Tom Yanush, Accountant

One of DFS Private Wealth’s greatest skills is that they take a holistic approach to dealing with every client – they really look at the big picture, taking not just investments but everything else in the client’s financial life and family situation into consideration. One of the reasons DFS can do this is that they meet with clients every quarter so they can stay up to date with any changes in a client’s situation, whether financial, business or family. This deep knowledge of their clients’ circumstances allows DFS Private Wealth to use a detailed planning strategy tailored to each client and it’s one of the primary reasons we refer people to DFS. Janet and Jennifer really understand that it’s not just about bigger returns, but about making sure everything’s working to best advantage.

Another one of DFS Private Wealth’s real assets is that they truly understand tax and how to use various strategies. And they can do this not only for individuals and families but also for business owners, so we’re always quick to refer owners and entrepreneurs as well. DFS knows how to survey every opportunity out there, including pension plans for business owners and opportunities to increase wealth through insurance, so that business owners and entrepreneurs can focus on running their business, knowing that DFS Private Wealth has a firm handle on the financial side of things in the client’s business and personal life. Clients we have referred have told us they really appreciate this.